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Above all, we want to be your partner to help you plan the future.
To achieve this, we use appropriate mats, techniques and equipment that allow us to create, test and produce bold and innovative pieces, all with the exclusivity and signature of the IW Enterprise team.

Commercial Area

We currently have a manufacturing capacity with the latest technologies and design integrated solutions (equipment, furniture and objects) for commercial spaces developed with the utmost rigor for the optimization of all available work surfaces so that each client can start their business.

Interior Design

We manage and carry out decoration projects in shopping malls, residences and even in cruise ships. We design various solutions from execution through interpretation and sketching to on-site installation. Therefore, we manufacture all the furniture, objects and decorative accessories for each space, seeking to reconcile design, comfort and functionality.


The company IW designs, manufactures and assembles in Portugal, Angola, France and Spain, an exclusive and excellent kiosk solution (for brands in the following sectors): restaurant, optician, watchmaker, goldsmith, tobacco bar, bookstore, perfumery and cosmetics and even body aesthetics and nails.

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